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the zengarden 2022

beginning of an end 2021


daydream 2020

ohne Titel

the siren or debauchery 2022 2022


Amsterdam 2021


praying.for.america 2020

Peter Sznycel privat

Peter Sznycel privat, 2020

Auge geschmissen

thrown an eye, 2020

self_gratification 2021

Im Bett mit David

in bed with David, Zeichnung 2020

TRUMP junior

Trump junior 2020

In her drawings, Tine Becker explores how fragments of dreams evaporate, dissolve, and are linked together with everyday encounters. Fictitious figures, an unreal handling of light and shadow, and the melting together of bodies are elements of fascination to the artist. Eyes play a major role in her pictures: in some works, small dramas emerge, while others show something seemingly banal. Each work is interested both in the reduction in what is represented, and in breaking down these representations to the essentials of a single line.   J.M.

limited Edition (3) or original painting on japanese wood

prices on demand